Recycle today for a
better tommorow

I generate waste and I want to:

Ensure the waste goes only to authorized centers and operators

Reduce managenement costs

Keep the documents and reports in one place

Issue documents quickly and accurately


I collect waste and want to:

Identify as many customers as possible

I have more collection operations

Create fast and effortless payments and receipts

Optimize collection routes


What we do?

We know you have chosen to build successful things in your area and that's why recycling needs to be simple. That's why we chose to be our message too.

Why we do it?

With your help, we will ensure that the waste goes wherever it can be recycled by having permanent access to authorized information and partners / You will always have access to reports, documents, a network of partners and simplicity in use.


Choose your role

Choose your role: waste generator or waste collector

Create an account

Create your account, fill in your data (if applicable, the company you represent) once


Use the platform and help us improve it for the simple and automatic experience you want


We are here to co-operate effortlessly with loyalty and recycling programs. Are you ready to give your clients the opportunity to redeem products (electronics, auto, sports, etc.) and want a simple solution? We offer you integrable software and company visibility into the recycling environment, direct product delivery from the customer - recycler, financial responsibility and financial management of vouchers, and customers' choice to choose your online or physical store.

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  • Organic matter (56%)

  • Paper and cardboard (9.9%)

  • Plastic (9,9%)

  • Glass (4.1%)

  • Organic matter (56%)


Help us help you, be part of the EcoTree community. You have access to all the technological benefits that we develop especially to make it simple and together we'll improve Romania's score so that tomorrow is cleaner, more pleasant and safer in the environment we choose to live in.


Total waste produced: 5.8 million tons

Collecting level: 82.3 %

Recycling level: 3 %